Terraced housing cooperative on Lake Mälaren, built in 1958

A beautiful piece of land by Lake Mälaren led a group of enthusiasts to create their own residential area where a common green area was included. The group included the architects Dag Åberg and Alf Bydén, who both came to settle in the area. The houses were built in 1958 in an asymmetrical style typical of the fifties, with strong features of the folkhem architecture's thoughts and of neorealism. In the same year, the metro to Hässelby Strand was inaugurated and the area is a clear example from a period when Stockholm grew strongly.

The area's uniform design in terms of building materials and color scheme is very typical of the softer and more colorful functionalism that was introduced in the 1940s and 50s. The building materials and design language are clear time markings and they are very important for the experience of the area.

The Sparrisbacken terraced house area - also known as the Sjöträdgården housing cooperative - consists of seven buildings and a detached villa with a total of 30 homes. The design and layout of the eight building bodies are slightly different from each other to fit into the sloping terrain.

Cultural-historical value

The houses are classified with preservation orders. This means that the residents cannot change the houses as they wish without permission from the City of Stockholm.

The area is culturally and historically interesting due to its period design. Particularly distinctive is the adaptation to the terrain, the architectural design, the smooth-plastered facades and other typical building materials and original details. The fact that the area is still so well-preserved after over 60 years and shows such great uniformity contributes to the area's high cultural-historical value.

The zoning plan for Hässelby Strand from 1952 was carried out by the then city planning director Sven Markelius. The area is characterized by low narrow houses and some higher point houses.

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The easiest way to get to Sparrisbacken is with the metro's green line (Station: Hässelby Strand) or by car (15 km from Stockholm city center).


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Bostadsrättsföreningen Sjöträdgården

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